Maintal Baskets Haßberge: Basketball in the Haßberge district

Basketball for kids, teenagers, men and women! As a pure basketball club in the Haßberge district, our teams offer a platform for playing the coolest sport in the world.

Practice takes place (almost) all year round. In addition, our mini and youth teams as well as the men’s team take part in matches in the district of Upper Franconia. The leagues usually start in the fall and end in late spring.

Taster sessions are possible at (almost) any practice, please get in touch with a contact person for the respective team. You can find the contact details on the respective team page.

So far we have been able to attract players from Bischofsheim, Buch, Ebelsbach, Eltmann, Eschenau, Hainert, Haßfurt, Hellingen, Hofheim, Horhausen, Kleinsteinach, Knetzgau, Königsberg, Mechenried, Oberschleichach, Obertheres, Sand, Sylbach, Trossenfurt, Unterhohenried, Untertheres, Westheim, Wonfurt, Zeil and Zell to our sport of basketball – and of course we are always happy to welcome new players.